Kivuko Eco Camps

Kivuko eco camp is among the 10 best eco camps in Kenya. We offer the best service such as accommodation, early morning and late evening animal watching. The most distinct feature of the conservancy is the closed open plains with very sparse trees and shrubs extending from the western parts to the middle of the conservancy characterised by seasonal floods which provide a very conducive habitat for a significant biodiversity of big game including the Cape buffalo, Common and Grevy’s zebra and Eland. The plains game in turn ensures the survival of the large carnivores including lions, cheetah and the leopard. The beautiful landscape of the area makes the place unique and attractive to visitors who come to see our unique animals and birds.

Until its incorporation as private company, the conservancy existed in form of a State owned hunting block for big game administered by the Game Department which in 1967 was  officially allocated on a Leasehold tenure of  45 years; expired in 2012 and subsequently renewed for another tenure of 45 years until 2057.

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